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Raised in 3rd Ward and other notorious neighborhoods of Harris County. It was then that I began to develop a passion for music creation. The early days of true HipHop. Breakers, Poplockers, DJ’s and freestyle lyricists reigned supreme on every corner. My first musical instrument was some Casio keyboard my mother bought me after getting […]

Sokly Chey

Sokly Chey, born as Sokly Sa on October 7th, 1984 at a United Nations refugee camp in Thailand, is a Canadian Hip Hop artist, music producer and recording engineer based in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada (The Railway City). He has also lived in Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph and London, Ontario. Sokly Chey has been active with […]

B.Simmons (Lf Guapboi)

My Name is B Simmons Lf Guapboi. I am a rapper based out of Princeton, NJ. I first got into music at 11 years old and it stuck from there. I picked up guitar at the age of 12 and fell in love with that as well. By the age of 22 I was on […]


“Do you Know the Existence? To Perceive the Body of Essence”. The conceptual gambling obsession in both, forms and content, is the cornerstone of this musical project. neiaD is a synesthetic and eclectic fusion between ductility of contemporary plastic arts, forcefulness of rock, sophistication of jazz, lysergy of psychedelics, elegance of minimalism, depth of the […]


From playin dress up to visiting her grandmother to sing to her, InsaniTi is a vibe that is unmatched and very therapeutic. InsaniTi is described as a free- spirited, old soul. Very reserved yet outspoken and bubbly. Growing up in Memphis, TN, she has always had love for the arts, music, fashion, esthetics and all […]


3Fifs (Three Fifs) is a St. Louis, MO born hip-hop artist who aims to make history. Since releasing his first full-length project “Birth of a Nation” in February of 2013, Fifs has gone on to earn several accolades: he was nominated “Freshman of the Year” at the 2014 SLUMFEST Hip-Hop Awards; has been featured on […]

Liam Canet Leiva

Liam, Martin and Catalina found themselves at a party in the midst of chaotic New York City. At that moment, the three Argentineans, made the decision to collaborate and create music, blending very different sounds. With a Jazz pianist, a guitarist with Blues influences and a soulful and rich voice, they formed a one-of-a-kind collaboration. […]

Trevor Aaron

Trevor started singing at age 12 when his mother bought him a karoake machine and he wore it out Music: Contact:


Edubb302 is an artist out of Wilmington, De born Elijah Beckham III.  Born and raised in a city nicknamed Small Wonder that at one point was called Murder town USA for the low population and high rate of violent crime.  EDubb has hit the music market with a determination to make it in the music […]

3hre X Walik X Bishop On The Beat

3hre aka Blake Childress is a native Floridian, artist, songwriter, producer and loves God. Music is just a platform to spread the Gospel. Through Worship, Hip Hop, music, writing, speaking, beatmaking, clothing and so much more 3hre’s goal is to spread the Gospel. God has put a vision in 3hre’s heart to point individuals back […]