A MACO is one of DMV’s Finest Rising Stars and he’s making a name for himself with his style, energy and originality vision. Adonnis Colindres-Rosado was born and raised in Fairfax Virginia for most of his life. And music has been apart of his life since he was young. But didn’t get into hip hop until he was 15 years old. He started posting music online when he was in high school and people in his school took exception of his rapping ability and became one of the most popular kids in his class thanks to his rap music. After he graduated from high school he started to pursue a hip hop career. He started recording songs and performing in showcases in the DC area. Jeremy Beaver, one of the founders of Hip Hop Museum DC, once compared him to an Hispanic version of Eminem and called him “el shady.” Though he didn’t post his first song on Spotify until 2020, A MACO was making noise in the DC area through his live performances and showcases. During the pandemic, A MACO was able to release multiple successful singles and mixtapes. He was able to have over 100K streams on Spotify. He started up BackRun Records that same year and was able to work with numerous of local DMV artist. A MACO then signed with Bentley Records in distribution development deal in 2021 where he is continuing to thrive and work hard to find a new style for hip hop and build up his fan base even bigger in the DMV.