Dustin Simpson started off writing short stories in public school, his grandfather taught him the basics of playing the acoustic guitar and from then on he was hooked. He started writing poetry in early high school years and this progressed to writing music. He started playing guitar with a high school friend in grade 9. Many years later he reunited with the same friend and along with some very close friends Including the late Mike Palmer on lead guitar, he formed a band that was called The Survivorz. He wrote the songs but it was the talent of the band that carried it forward and they were able to record some great music that can be found online to this very day ! Later he teamed up with another friend from public school and formed a new band called Decay and the Retribution. The band remained together and performed some shows in South Western Ontario. They remained together for about 10 years with Dustin playing the folk section of the show followed by a blues section. He was joined in the band by his son Josh who played keyboards. Following the disbanding of Decay and the Retribution he went on to using the stage name DustyMarcus. He is once again joined by his son on keyboards. We hope to hear a lot more from DustyMarcus in the future !!