Torsten is a Blues, Pop, and Ballad singer-songwriter. He was born on 02/05/1970 in the city of Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, in Southwest Germany. Growing up with three brothers who were all in the sports club, Torsten, as a kid, had no option but to follow in his three brothers’ footsteps. He subsequently enrolled in the sports club too. Torsten also clarifies that while growing up, music and arts weren’t prevalent in his village, which only encouraged him to follow in his brothers’ footsteps. For Torsten, it was all about the fun of it.

Torsten started with athletics, which he excelled pretty well, and then made a move to handball. Torsten had quite a time with these two sports forms. It was not until when he clocked 16 that he tilted a little towards the arts. At 16, he started dancing and devoted quite some time to it, the same way he did for athletics and handball. Being a very high-spirited teenager, he always made sure to give his all to whatever he was doing, and he held nothing back while dancing.

At 16, Torsten took his dancing to a new level by enrolling in a dancing school. From dancing school, he went on to enroll in an amateur dance club. In 1988, he attained an incredible feat by winning the national ballroom dance championship in Latin dance. All this while, the music in him was strongly developing. Considerably because dance and music go hand in hand.

According to Torsten, music had always been his passion. However, he had not given that part of himself just enough attention. Growing up, Torsten had given so much devotion to athletics, handball, and dance that he nearly forgot about music. It was in 2019 that his great passion for music rekindled. This new awakening was a result of Torsten joining a choral society. Shortly after joining the choir and awakening his great but sleeping love for music, Torsten finally decided to take some private singing lessons.

Not long after the great awakening and his enrollment in private singing classes, Torsten produced his first original instrumental song, titled “Nowhere.” After the release of “Nowhere,” he went on to add three cover songs. Among the three cover songs was the song “Home,” which Torsten regards as his best and reviewed by Mary of Wildsmith/Radio Airplay. This is what Mary had to say concerning the song “Home:”

“Torsten offers his fresh take on Michael Buble’s hit single “Home,” punching up the presence of keys, leaning into nostalgic tones reminiscent of the best 70s love songs, and subtly layering vocals in places to offer a groovy, full-bodied experience of a beloved tune like audiences have never heard it before. Without deviating from the addictive vocal melodies and lyrics that define “Home,” Torsten puts his distinctive finish on the song full of suave soul, leaving listeners second-guessing themselves on which version came first.”

Everything was going quite smoothly until March 2020, when all came to a standstill globally because of the Covid-19. However, all did not stop for Torsten as he got an invitation from Bentley Records in mid-October 2020. Torsten was invited by Bentley to be a part of their “ArtistDevelopmentProgram.” Torsten accepted this offer as he saw it as both an honor and a chance to develop and better his craft as a musician.

Torsten’s style of music is a unique blend of different musical elements and influences. Especially influences from musicians like Michael Jackson, Michael Buble, Mozart, and Ludwig Van Beethoven. His influences and musical thirst span across styles and musical eras, from pop to classical music. In Torsten’s own words, this is what he had to say concerning his plans for the future:

For the rest of 2020 and the coming 2021, I have big plans concerning my music. And I am glad to have a strong partner like Bentley Records behind me…”

Torsten is happily married with two kids. He also manages to combine his musical career with being a full-time mechanic in an automobile factory.